NOTE: This site is undergoing a complete overhaul and should be updated soon.

If you found this site by reading the cover story in Volume 29 of Sci-Fi & Fantasy Modeller Magazine, you can join in a discussion about the C Movie project here. was founded in 1997 about the same time as other popular SF sites like StarshipModeler and Originally known as The Starship Builder's Guide, it was one of the very first to offer an interactive forum for its members. became a very popular community for science fiction modelers. Folks could go behind the scenes on their favorite science fiction show or movie for info on the design and construction of famous Hollywood starship and SF studio miniatures. We provided valuable how-to information not only on science fiction modeling in general, but also on designing, blueprinting,and building replicas of favorite SF subjects.

After more than 10 successful years on the Web, the forums were closed. This decision was not easy, but it was time to focus more on designing and building models. I will always treasure the many great friendships that came about because of the forums once hosted here. I met a lot of really great and talented people, and you had an amazing impact on my life.

I've remained very busy with a number of projects and they will be highlighted right here very soon. Please stay tuned!


Charles Adams